In the times of baroque

Not only from the outside but also from the inside the Bishop’s Palace is going to bloom in a baroque dress this year. At the exhibition “A baroque sky. Paintings from 1600 to 1800” a selection of baroque paintings is on display from the set of the Bishop’s Palace. Next to portraits, landscape sceneries and mythological scenes the main focus lies of sacred paintings. Dive into the varied art of baroque. Further information on the exhibition on http://www.hofburg.it

Finally time has arrived: the summer emotions are there. From 11th July on every Wednesday, the old city centre is transformed into a place of good mood, lively alleys and a sea of lights. Next to culinary delicacies the summer emotions offer a colorful musical side programme and a joyful gathering. Summer, sun … summer emotions! Who does not come, it’s their fault! Information on www.brixen.org

From 5th July on a new guided tour with play starts in Brixen, “Brixen from superstition to medicine: from bloodletting to sugar biscuits”. This time you are not on the traces of elephants, criminals, witches or the hangman that have coined the history of the city. No, this time you dive into the world of the long forgotten drugs, bizarre medical treatments and explore the world of former chemists and doctors of Brixen. Curious about it? Further information on: https://www.brixen.org/de/rendezvous.html

On 7th July get ready again. The Brixen Dolomites Marathon goes into its 9th tour. From the historic city centre, the classical marathon distance takes you up at 2,446 m. Up there on Mount Plose, enjoy the breathtaking view on the city as well as the Dolomites.

A varied and challenging trail combined with the wonderful mountain scenery of the Dolomites guarantees a double sporting experience.

If you are curious and motivated to take part in it, more detailed information on www.brixenmarathon.it.

In summer, Brixen offers something also at night. There are for example the tours with the night guard, which take place from July to September every Friday at 9.30 pm. Together with the night guard you dive into a world of thrilling stories and anecdotes, there are even some legends on the history of Brixen and its famous people. For more detailed information, call the Tourist Board Brixen (+39 0472275252- info@brixen.org)

(c) Oskar Zingerle


Night of the music

On the longest day of the year, music is heard in its different and manifold tunes in the old city centre of Brixen. On the midsummer’s night you can enjoy the 1001 sounds of various bands during the night of music. Further details on this event on www.mybrixen.com

Summer time is hiking time: for this occasion the Tourist Board of Brixen offers from June to mid October guided hikes on Mount Plose. But that’s not all, as from July there is also the tour of Mount Putia, a hike in the Scaleres Valley, to the Cross of Latzfons or at the Glittner Joch on the long list of hikes. Information on the single tours on www.brixen.org

From 26th May onwards you can again enjoy the beauty of the home mountain of Brixen. There is not only a breathtaking view on the marvelous dolomites landscape but also, besides pleasure and culinary treats on the different huts, a wonderful hiking paradise. Families as well find a lot of offers on Mount Plose. Further details on possible activities and offers on Mount Plose on www.plose.org

Next to the Shimano e-mountainbike Experience (31st May – 1st June) or the Mountainbike Testival (20th – 23rd September) Brixen is transforming itself this summer to an absolute bike hotspot. There is quite something offered to mountain bikers. Besides daily guided bike tours, the opening of the new bike parks (from 16th June) with their new lines lets the mountain biker’s heart beat faster. For more detailed information, visit https://www.brixen.org/de/aktiv/sommer/brixen-bike/brixen-bikepark.html


(c) Daniel Geiger

Dine Wine and Music

Good food, wine and trendy music – this is the mix that defines “Dine, Wine and Music” on Cathedral Square. A culinary pleasure evening where the innkeepers of Brixen serve local delicacies and excellent white wines. For your entertainment on 8th June “B.Streetband” will delight you, and at the second event on 9th August the “Vino Rosso” band will give their best. Further information on www.facebook.com/dinewinemusic

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