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Fun on the toboggan for snow lovers!

  It has snowed in the mountains. The last fog lifts and lets us discover the bright blue sky. Wonderful! Today we go tobogganing! Cozily and warmly dressed, we move on in the snow, dragging my beloved vehicle. It is a bit challenging indeed, to move upwards in the snow. But we will be rewarded. […]

The romantic effect…

“In deep snow, idyllic, pure nature pleasure” … a unique winterly as well as romantic possibility to power up, to go on an adventurous winter hike, to choose a new trail or to reach the summit, this is what getting on snow shoes is. They help you to float on the snow thanks to their […]

IMS Walk Day 2013 on the Plose

The IMS Walk Day will be a special highlight. On October 20th, 2013, a combination of nature, hiking and fascinating people are on the programme: – Guided hiking tour: …to Mount Gabler with Reinhold Messner: start at 8:00 am at Forum Brixen, ride by shuttlebus to the mountain hotel Schlemmer (Skihütte). Hike to Rossalm and […]

Of white marble and 365 windows

The gorge Gilfenklamm at Ratschings/Stange is for sure one of the most impressive natural sceneries of our region. In the narrow rock gorge, a hiking path with some wooden staircases and bridges passes above the breathtaking waterfalls. The roaring waters have dug their way down deep 15 meters in the soft and pure white marble. […]

Surrounded by dark green pastures and shadowy woods, next to Mount Kühberg, situated in the romantic Valley of Schalderertal lies our destination, Lake Schrütten. A lonely natural jewel. From the parking area Steinwend, we follow the course of the wonderful mountain river, which refreshes the air and takes our attention. Along the path, there are […]

Mountain cart on the Plose

“High up by cable car, down fast on your own”, this is the slogan that gets you on the mountain cart on the Plose ride down towards the valley. From the mountain station over hill and dale. The forest path leads you steeply and quickly downwards on the ten-kilometer-trail to the valley station. Thrilling moments […]

Woody Walk – family goes fun

… equipped with rucksack, hiking shoes, kids and all the rest, the cable car of the Plose takes us up high to 2,050 m. Our destination: the Woody Walk. This exciting round walk for families on our house mountain Plose. Two kilometres of funny games in nature, breathtaking views and pleasant stops. Its 100 m […]

All handballfans can look forward to an event. From 14th to 16th June the best handball players of Europe aged 33 to over 50 will compete in exciting matches for the master title. What an event! 119 matches of 45 teams from 14 nations await us. We are looking forward to a unique sports event in […]

Strickersprint on the Plose

From 22nd to 24th March 2013, these are the days! The Strickersprint Plose in Brixen is the international meeting for upcoming talents in the ski sport. The event is a perfect symbiosis of sport competition and entertainment as well as an intercultural meeting point.  Therefore a special programme on Acquarena Square awaits you. The warm-up […]

Moonstruck on the Plose!

Once a month, when luna brightens in its full splendour the night, you can experience a special winter evening on the Plose. It is full moon and the night hawks come together. Equipped with touring skis, snowshoes, toboggans or simply on foot they start to conquer the darkness. As if the landscape was enchanted, in […]

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