Music and Church

This year as well the Brixen Initiative Music and Church offers different cultural events where the link between religion and art is in the foreground. One possibility is on 26th March, the concert at the Cathedral of Brixen. Information on further concerts / events on the website www.brixen.org or on http://www.musik-kirche.it

Discover the manifold world and the traditional kitchen of the Eisacktal: get this experience of pleasure from 9th to 25th March at the so-called “Eisacktaler Kost”. For 46 years now, 16 inns have invited people to this specialty week and have united recipes from grandma’s times with modern influences. Further information on www.brixen.org


Under the motto “Experience, discover and enjoy” Mount Plose dedicates itself to the white wines of the Isarco Valley. Next to snow-capped mountaintops, a blue sky and bright sunshine, the best wines are served and tasted. A unique opportunity to discover the local top wines. From Mountain into the Glass takes place on two days: the first time on 3rd March at Rossalm hut and the second time on 10th March at La Finestra Hut. Further information on www.plose.org

(c) Helmut Moling

The beatified bishop Hartmann built the ideal monastery at Novacella in 1140. The Augustine monks should be an ideal for the priests of the cathedral and the clerics in Brixen, who, according to Hartmann, had to adjust their spiritual life. Up to our days the Monastery of Novacellahas been an important centre of formation and tourist management. The inside of the monastery and the library can be visited in a guided tour. The church is worth being mentioned as well. With its luxurious inside it is simply breathtaking.

Further information about Novacella on www.kloster-neustift.it

Group Dekadenz

In the new year as well, the group Dekadenz offers a varied programme at the Anreiterkeller in Brixen. Next to cabaret and theatre performances, concerts are held for every taste. Further information on the programme on www.dekadenz.it

From 1st February on, a new exhibition opens at the Pharmacy Museum of Brixen, Glass.Art and pharmacy. As the title already reveals, the focus of this exhibition is the material glass, or to be precise the sculptures of glass from renowned artists and their combination with historic everyday items of the pharmacy.

Detailed information on: http://www.pharmaziemuseum.it/events.html

Brixen at a glance

The 1,100 years of city history of Brixen is varied and has got quite something to offer. The cathedral, the cloister, the bishop’s palace and many other sights are witnesses of its historic heritage and demonstrate the past importance and power Brixen had as a former bishop’s city. Dive into this rich past and get to know Brixen at a guided tour. Every Monday of the year you have the chance to (01.04. .-31.10.: 5 pm; 01.11.-31.02.: 10 am). Book your tour until 4 pm of the day before at the Tourist Board (+39 0472 836401 or at info@brixen.org )

Crazy people are around also in Brixen. At carnival, there are different events for young and old. For example the Carnival theatre in Milland (Mill and Ka(o)s) or the carnival revue in Vahrn, the so called “Vahrnerei”. A Carnival concert as well will be held by the Salon Orchestra South Tyrol at the Forum on 9th February. For kids there is the renowned “Gnoccolada”, a colourful parade with games and fun on Cathedral Square. Aslo in the surroundings like Neustift events for children are held at carnival.

The colourful mess can start! Detailed information on www.brixen.org

At the moment, the fortress of Franzensfeste with its exhibition on “Bridge between North and South: Roman roads in South Tyrol” gives an insight into the extensive road network at Roman times in South Tyrol. For the Romans, the construction of roads was important as it made commerce as well as the movement of troops easier and it also contributed to the spreading of Roman culture. That is the peculiarity, like the one of the Via Claudia Augusta, that makes the focus of the exhibition. Important finds that were discovered along roads in South Tyrol are on display.

For information on opening hours and fees see: http://www.festung-franzensfeste.it/bruecke-zwischen-nord-und-sued-roemische-strassen-suedtirol/

Next to skiing and tobogganing, Mount Plose is an excellent starting point for wonderful hikes in winter as well. From Christmas time to mid-March, guided snowshoe hikes are offered. Don’t miss this unique adventure through snowy woods with a breathtaking view. Information about reservation and fees at: +39 0472 850040

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