For some years now Soliman has been in everybody´s mouth in Brixen, but what about this elephant? This pachyderm was a gift of the Portuguese King John III for his nephew Emperor Maximilian II in 1551, before leaving Spain and moving to Vienna. Passing Valladolid, Barcelona, Genoa, Milan and Trent the elephant named Soliman also made a stop in Brixen. He was an absolute sensation and has remained it up to our days, mainly due to the light show Soliman´s Dream it is present in old and young people´s minds.

More information about the light show under www.brixen.org/soliman

For the third time the unique light and music show takes place in the Bishop’s Palace in Brixen (24.11.2017-6.1.2018). There the elephant Soliman goes again on an exciting and thrilling adventure voyage and lets us, whether young or old, take part in its dreams. Dive into this exciting world and let yourself enchant by this atmosphere. More detailed information on www.brixen.org/soliman

From 4th to 5th November you can dive into the art of bonsai in Brixen. Not only experts from Japan, but also from Europe and South Tyrol will give you an insight into this craft. The centre of the exhibition is the communication of its philosophy, as well as technical and gardening basic elements of bonsai. Further information on www.aki-ten.com

All chestnuts!

Every year again, the Isarco Valley lets revive the variety of the chestnuts! Next to hikes along the chestnut trail, culinary treats at the chestnut weeks (14th October to 5th November 2017), you can also experience the chestnuts at the Chestnut week in Feldthurns. A highlight is the so-called “Nigl”-market and the concluding “Keschtnigl” – Sunday with chestnut festival (4th and 5th November) where you will get an insight into traditional handcrafts, freshly roasted chestnuts and musical entertainment.

Further information on the events about the most important cultivated fruit of the Isarco Valley at the Tourist Board Brixen (inf@brixen.org; +39 0472836401)

One of the highlights taking place in Brixen is the International Mountain Summit from 9th to 15th October 2017. There is a dialogue and an exchange of experiences between top mountaineers but also new talents, climbers and friends of the mountain from all over the world. In the different lectures and discussions, one gets an insight into the fascinating world of the mountains. Next to Reinhold Messner, there will be the big ones of mountaineering and climbing like Alex Honnold (USA), Peter Habeler (Austrian mountaineering legend) etc.

An event that you should not miss. Detailed information about the rich side programme on www.ims.bz

For the 15th time the bread and strudel market is held on Cathedral Square. From 29th September to 1st October different specialties of South Tyrolean bakeries can be tasted and bought at the various stalls of the participating bakeries and pastry shops. Moreover, you will get an insight into the tradition of making bread at the exhibition of old grain varieties, of baking presentations and at the historic trail about “from corn to bread”.


Mountain bike lovers watch out: from 21st to 24th September the Mountain bike Testival takes place. The elite of the mountain bike scene is again coming together in the bishop’s city, to be precise on Cathedral Square. This is the right opportunity where every biker can find their dream bike by directly testing the new bikes. Moreover there is an exciting side programme like guided tours, riding technique workshops, lady specials and much more.

Further information on www.mountainbike-testival.de


(c) Daniel Geiger

From 16th to 17th September Brixen welcomes the brass music. In the alleys of the old city resound known tunes of ouvertures and marches and the different brass music chapels from the Isarco Valley and the neighbor countries show their best. All the musical performances will be accompanied by delicacies of the South Tyrolean cuisine.

Further information about the district music feast in Brixen on http://www.vsm.bz.it/2017/08/19/23-bezirksmusikfest-blasmusik -vereint/ or directly at the Tourist Board.


From 8th to 9th September 2017, everything will revolve around the bee and honey in Brixen. The 14 districts of the South Tyrolean beekeepers’ association present the different quality honey and invite the visitors for tastings. Moreover a rich side programme which shows the life and work of bees next to the production of honey offers an insight in this exciting topic.

Further information on the event at the Tourist Board Brixen (info@brixen.org or tel. +390472836401)


(C)Foto EOS Bozen

On Saturday 26th August 2017, a market will be held about the topic hemp right in the middle of the labyrinth. From 10.30 am to 6.30 pm, the visitors will learn about the plant and how it is used in different areas. At the 20 stalls, you will discover its various facets and get an insight into the numerous functions and uses of hemp.

The event is organized in cooperation with Ecopassion, the South Tyrolean hemp system and Brixen Tourism Coop.

Entry fees Bishop’s Palace Garden & Art exhibition

Adults                                 Euro 7.00

Children over 6 years      Euro 3.50

Family ticket                     Euro 15.00

Free entry for children under 5 years

Free entry with SummerCard Gold

1 free entry with SummerCard


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